Terms and Conditions

The French version of our Terms of Service ("Conditions Générales de Vente") legally prevails as PlaceKit is a French company. We offer an English translation only as a convenience.


Last updated on March 20, 2023

Geographic coordinate accuracy

As of today, geographic coordinates are street-level accurate, but we do not support yet house level accuracy. The coordinates are approximated towards the middle of the street, and all numbers on that street will use the same set of coordinates.

Supported languages

Results language are all available in their original language and will by default be returned in their original language by our API. You can change this behaviour setting the language option when calling our API. You can request alternate result language when translation is available, supported values for language are:

  • English (en)
  • French (fr)

Supported countries

We support 246 countries over 249 from the ISO-3166-1 list (see also ISO-3166-1 website). The unsupported countries are:

  • Åland Islands (AX)
  • Saint Barthélemy (BL)
  • Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BQ)
  • Saint Martin (French part) (MF)
  • Sint Maarten (Dutch part) (SX)
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)