About PlaceKit

Our mission

Be the go-to geocoding solution for developers by providing a simple, reliable and accurate service.

Our values

We strive to create a solution that is simple, practical, and yet complete. We believe in an honest and independent approach to business.


We work hard to make things look simple, because a product is only as good as it is usable.


We build and rely on the most efficient tools so we can remain independent and preserve our integrity.


We never let business prevail over quality. We want to provide the service we would like to be customers of.


We've met at Algolia, and learned there what goes into making a great product. We found balance in our complementarity.

Raphaël Daguenet

Raphaël Daguenet

Back-end & infra

Raphaël has built a strong experience and product vision over a decade in startups as an IC and team manager. As the former Algolia Places lead engineer, pursuing it felt natural when the product got sunset.

Nicolas Torres

Nicolas Torres

Tools & design

Nicolas has cumulated many different experiences in agencies, services, SAAS, e-commerce, and freelance, all converging into an eclectic profile specialized in making tools. PlaceKit couldn't be a better fit.

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