Locations search API

Worldwide places search, address autofill, store locator, and two-way geocoding for your apps.

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Better UX, better conversion

A few keystrokes for your users, better addresses for your business. Optimize checkouts, reduce misshipments, search places on maps, and cover even more use-cases.

Great developer experience.
Autocomplete, live patching, store locator and two-way geocoding all served by a single headache-free API.
Transparent predictable pricing.
Pay per request, per month, with volume discount. First 10k/month requests are on us!
Fully managed and fault tolerant.
Enterprise-grade infrastructure distributed over multiple datacenters to provide 100% uptime.
Powered by Algolia.
Instant response times, typo-tolerant and high-relevance search.
Quality data.
Hand-curated data from OpenStreetMap combined with country-specific datasets.
Regular updates.
We refresh and update our data regularly to provide accurate coverage.
No vendor lock-in.
Our terms of service allow you to use our data with other services.
Global coverage.
Support for 246 countries over 249 from the ISO-3166-1 list.
Search and show results in your users' language, automatically detected.
Data privacy.
We are GDPR compliant. We will never sell, share or trade your users data with third parties.
Friendly support.
We want to provide the service we would like to be customers of.



Build a pleasant, fast and automatic address lookup experience for your mobile app and website in seconds.


Our autocomplete is typo-tolerant and provides relevant suggestions at each keystroke, highlighting matches and showcasing result types. Lightweight, cross-browser, and accessible by design.

Convenience and customization

Import our autocomplete package, insert your credentials. That's all it takes. Easily customize style and events, or create from scratch with our zero-dependency JavaScript client that integrates with any other autocomplete component.

Device location

Ask users to share their device location to greatly improve the relevance by suggesting places closer to them. Defaults to their IP location.

Geocoding API

A single API to cover all use-cases, with easy-to-use and quality tools for developers.

Geocoding REST API

PlaceKit is first and foremost a geocoding service. Send geocoding and reverse-geocoding requests from the front-end or the back-end to meet any of your use-cases.

Developers first

Our JavaScript libraries are well packaged with clear documentation, types, and examples, providing easy-to-use abstractions to PlaceKit services. We also provide an annotated API reference to use PlaceKit with other languages.

Data quality

We use fresh data from OpenStreetMap, supercharged with country-specific datasets when available, and meticulously sanitized to shrink it all into the most comprehensive catalog.

Live patching

Add missing addresses or fix existing ones, and make them instantly available to your users. We then review and merge them back to our global dataset, because you know best.

Store locator


Help your customers find the closest point of interest to their location, showing them results on a map or as a list as they type their address.

Unlimited locations

Set your points of interest directly from our dashboard without limit, or use our zero-dependency JavaScript client to automate it from the back-end.

Free-form metadata

Define any location metadata you need: business hours, reviews, etc. using your own schema, and our API will return them as-is.

Map integration

PlaceKit integrates with any map provider thanks to our geocoding data. We provide integration examples to help you get started.

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Pay per request, per month. Period.

No limitations, no hidden costs.

10k requests/month

$0 /month


Access all features for free, first 10k requests per month are on us. No credit card required.

Volume discounts

We offer a fair volume-based discount policy. Contact us to commit and save even more.

Transparent & predictable

Accurately forecast your expenses with our simple per-request pricing and usage dashboard.